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THE WEEDS by Daddy

To Gareth, Martin and Jonathan

The 3 weeds


The weeds in the garden were many.

The gardeners were but a few

and three little blooms in the corner

were causing a hullaballoo


My roots can't draw any water

and my stems never get any dew.

The weeds are blocking my leaves from the sun

I just do not know what to do!


The gardeners always forget us

In the corner we're hidden from view

If I could just push my head through that hole

They'd see us and know what to do


The little bloom fought with all of his might

and soon he just grew and grew

Before long he'd reached the hole in the wall

and promptly popped his head through


It was Bob the gardener that saw him

and he knew what he had to do

Down in the shed he searched through his tools

And soon he appeared with his hoo

(ok so it's hoe - this is poetic licence for goodness sake)


In minutes the weeds had been scattered

and the three blooms were now in his view

But the look in his eye caused the three blooms to cry

for it turned out that they were weeds too!